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Hi I'm Ella. I live in Philadelphia and I like Edith Piaf and Vampire Weekend and my bike.
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I was 43 minutes early for my train. I waited on a wet bench and watched the kids from Germantown Friends’ athletic fields file onto the other side of the tracks. I thought about their college database and counselors, and although I liked to think I liked the gritty nature and incessant tradition of my 150-year-old Central High, I did still long for clean carpets and 2400s. 

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January sucks

 I don’t have to tell you that you met her in Israel

and I don’t have to tell you that faith is important

but I may have to tell you that I almost bought a gold star of david necklace

for purely emulatory reasons

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regional rail (by hipsterjawnfilm)
regional rail (by hipsterjawnfilm)